Tax Facilitation Centre
• Goods and Services Tax
• One nation - One Tax
• Transition to GST

Intensive Training Workshops
• Overview of GST Law, Rules, Time and Place of Supply Provisions
• Valuation, Job Work and Impact of GST
• Reverse Charge Mechanism, ITC and Transitional Provisions
• Compliances and Maintenance of Records
• Filing of Returns under GST and associated IT challenges
• On-spot clarifications related to GST

Consultancy Services
• Updates on law, procedure and rates
• Guidance on procedural compliances
• Guidance in the matters of legal or procedural issues
• Practical Support or Execution of filing of GST Returns
• Practical support or execution of filing of various other GST Forms and applications
• Drafting replies to departmental queries and audit objections
• Opinion on any GST issue

For further information, please contact:
Ms Archana Sinha: E:
Ms Manika Bamba: E:
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