CII - Defence & Aerospace Consultancy Services (DACS)
CII, with over two decades of experience in the Defence & Aerospace Sector and having pioneered many successful policy initiatives, business events and training programmes, is now bridging the information gap between the government and industry with reference to Indian Industry’s capabilities.

This is an endeavor to promote ‘Make in India’ Initiative of the Government to encourage indigenous designs, development and manufacturing of components, parts, minor platforms, systems and sub-systems for the Defence & Aerospace sector in the country.

To enlarge the Defence Industrial Base by guiding the Indian private sector companies, especially MSMEs, to identify and leverage their existing and latent core competencies and contribute to the manufacturing capacity in the Indian Defence and Aerospace sector.

Capability Assessment
• A thorough mapping of the Client's design, manufacturing, quality assurance and testing facilities.
• Preparation of assessment report.

Advisory Services
• Identification of opportunities based on existing/latent capabilities of the company
• Advisory for Defence Procurement Procedures
• A Recommended approach for entering the Defence & Aerospace sector

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